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Patrick IrwinPatrick Irwin has over 35 years experience in consulting engineering as former managing director of Design Action Consulting Engineers and former associate director of Irwinconsult. He has long experience of projects with special difficulties.

Patrick holds a bachelor degree in engineering from the University of Melbourne, is a Fellow of Engineers Australia and member of their Civil and Structural colleges.

He is a member of the Building Appeals Board, President of the Forensic Engineering Society of Australia and a past president of the Building Dispute practitioners' Society.

Patrick is a Victorian registered building practitioner in the categories Engineer and Draftsperson.

Patrick has over 20 publications to his credit in professional journals (see Articles) and has published the e-book, Solutions to cracking in houses & other small buildings.

Patrick has background in building design and development including practical building and developing.

The role of an engineer in Patrick's view is to solve problems and wherever possible arrive at better solutions. He sees forensic engineering as a field that has not been actively advanced in Australia where there is great opportunity for improving professional expertise and services.

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Staff & Resources

Irwin Structures does not maintain permanent staff beyond principal but maintains subcontract services that enable the provision of specialized engineering analysis, drafting and project management services to clients on an as needs basis.

Referral Network

Our long experience in the industry and widespread connections means that if we can't help a client we usually know someone who can. We are always happy to spend time on the telephone without obligation with a prospective client to ensure that they obtain the services they require whether they engage us or not.

In the case of expert witness retention it is most important that the appropriate witnesses are aligned with the expertise required. Expert testimony outside an expert's field of expertise may be over ridden by more appropriate testimony or even ruled inadmissible.

In addition to our consulting connections we are in touch with remedial works experts and contractors in many fields and are often able to refer clients for building services.

All our referrals are on a strictly non commercial basis and provided either as a courtesy or as part of our reporting services to clients.


Engineers Australia
The major national body for engineers and the profession.

Building Dispute Practitioners' Society (BDPS)
A national multi-disciplinary body of practitioners dedicated to the resolution of building disputes.

Forensic Engineering Society of Australia
A national multi-disciplinary body of engineers dedicated to investigation activity.

Victorian Building Authority, Registered Building Practitioner
Engineering and drafting registrations are maintained and endorsed with the Plus CPD suffix in acknowledgment of extensive CPD conducted.


Presented to Patrick Irwin or to design teams led by him:

2001 ACSEV Steel Design

2002 AISC Steel Building Design

2004 ACSEV Steel Design

2006 ACSEV Residential Design

2006 Building Commission CPD Commendation

2008 ACSEV Residential Design

2010 BDPS Essay Prize