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Commercial building technology is constantly evolving being furiously price driven for small projects and often driven by architectural ambition for larger projects.

Commercial Building Defects Disputes

Commercial buildings can nowadays be built of a huge variety of construction materials in many different configurations. Footings can be driven piles, screw piles, continuous flight auger or bored piers, conventional strips amongst others.

Slabs can be waffle pod, conventional raft, suspended or even post tensioned and these are just the elements you don't see. Walls can be brick, block, precast or insitu concrete, steel or timber framed or of a range of composite component systems. Suspended slabs can be off form, composite on steel formwork, post tensioned et al.

The standard office/warehouse is one of the few types of building that is pretty standardized. As land values have risen underground carparks have become most common and with them a range of problems, mainly relating to waterproofing and drainage.

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